About Lilypad

As a safe place in the unpredictable waters of homeownership, we offer a reassuring presence to support the foundation of your financial security.

We’re focused on underserved coastal communities and are dedicated to safeguarding homes and financial futures against the unpredictability of nature and events related to owning a home.

Founded on the principles of innovation and customer-centric service, Lilypad emerges as a beacon of hope in challenging insurance markets. Our depth of experience and strong approach for homeowners facing heightened hurricanes and climate risks offers a new option for security. By understanding and addressing the specific needs of coastal regions, we're not just insuring properties—we're building resilient communities.

What we believe

Home insurance should be available
Even coastal communities need coverage for life’s unexpected events.
Home insurance should be flexible
Options need to be available so homeowners can select the coverages they feel to be the most important.
Home insurance should be priced competively
Coastal insurance is challenging marketplace. It should be priced competitively in the market and reflect the coverages selected.


Risk Espino - Lilypad President & CEO
Rick Espino

Overall strategic management responsibilities for entire suite of Lilypad companies. Disciplined risk management methodologies used to drive superior financial performance while growing and expanding into new markets, 32 years of industry experience encompassing regulatory, reinsurance, marketing, finance and accounting, underwriting, claims and customer service, CPA and member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Traci Stillwagon - Lilypad Chief Operating Officer
Traci Stillwagon

Charged with developing and implementing streamlined and cost-efficient business solutions. Broad range of experiences spanning over 29 years, 26 with a Fortune 100 carrier. Background includes claims, internal audit, process improvement, instructional design, and technology. Areas of expertise encompass auto/homeowner, PL and CML Lines. CPCU and CIOP designations.

Alaina Vallera – General Counsel/Chief Legal Counsel
Alaina Varella
General Counsel/VP, Legal and Compliance

Leads compliance and all regulatory efforts, ensures appropriate policy, favorable contract language and head all legal initiatives. Experienced in Cyber, Technology, and Media legal exposures as well as Claims legal and as a policy language. In addition, practiced law advising large insurance companies with respect to insurance coverage.

Steve Zielke
Chief Risk Officer

Responsible for identifying, evaluating, and managing risks potentially impacting financial stability and long-term success. Leads effort to achieve and maintain rate level and loss reserve adequacy while integrating relevant insurance industry and macro-economic trends. Industry experience spanning 32 years. FCAS, CPCU, and member of the American Academy of Actuaries.

Martin Myrick – Chief Sales and Distribution Officer
Martin Myrick
Chief Sales and Distribution Officer

Responsible for identifying and appointment of successful long term agency relationships. Monitoring individual agency performance to ensure lines appropriate lines of business and performance of portfolios. Broad experiences spanning over 26 years in multi-line insurance sales environments, including comprehensive accountability related to detailed compliance and profitability components.

tony hare - Lilypad vice president
Tony Hare
VP, Product and Underwriting

Accountability for creating, delivering, and underwriting world-class insurance products and services. Possesses a broad leadership skillset spanning product management, new product development, marketing, and underwriting. Experienced in guiding data and analytics, and policy administration systems. CPCU designation.

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