Our homeowner insurance policy is designed to protect your home against perils like fire, theft, vandalism, and certain natural disasters.
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A homeowner insurance policy is designed to protect you from various risks. It typically protects the structure of your home against perils like fire, theft, vandalism, and certain natural disasters. Personal property coverage is usually included and covers some of the belongings inside your home.

Additionally, liability coverage protects against legal claims for injuries or property damage occurring on your property. Additional living expenses coverage helps with temporary living costs if your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered event. It’s crucial to understand the coverage you purchase, and the specific policy’s terms, limits, and any exclusions to ensure you have adequate protection.

Benefits. And the difference.

Affordable protection
Competitive rates for comprehensive property coverage.
Customizable Home Insurance
Tailor your homeowners insurance policy with coverage meeting your unique needs.
Fast and Reliable Claim Service
Experience caring support in times of loss, ensuring a smooth recovery process.

How it works. Start to finish.

Consult an Independent Agent
Connect with our network of skilled agents for personalized insurance advice.
Receive a Tailored Quote
Obtain a homeowners insurance quote that is customized to protect your home and belongings.
Enjoy Comprehensive Protection
Benefit from a policy that covers all your necessary home insurance needs, with options for additional coverages.
Get started
Find a Lilypad representative in your neighborhood.
Find an agent
Insurance coverages. Customize to your needs.
Living Expenses
Medical Bills
Personal Liability
Personal Property
Optional coverage. Add it or not.
Take a look at coverage options you can add to your policy.
Optional coverage options graphic showcasing water slump coverage among other options available
Whats covered. And everything else.
  • Fire or Smoke damage
  • Hail
  • Hurricanes
  • Lightning
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Water damage from burst pipes or escaping from appliances
  • Additional living expenses in case of displacement
  • Other relevant coverages based on the Lilypad policy you purchased
Not Covered
  • Intentional damage or neglect.
  • Natural wear and tear.
  • Flood 
  • Earthquake
  • Business Liability
  • Other specific exclusions according to Lilypad’s policy according to the Lilypad policy you purchased
Discounts. Ways to save.
Lilypad Insurance has several available discounts for customers who protect their property against water, fire, and theft loss with alarm systems. TODO
Being claim free
Being claim free can save you up to 30%. For new or existing customers, being free of an insurance claim for three consecutive years can lower your premium significantly. Plus, Lilypad Insurance never considers weather or natural disaster claims (like a hurricane) when determining your premium.
Protective devices installed
Discounts may increase with the use of connected home alarm systems alert you to shut off water when a leak is detected or contact fire or police when you are unable to do so.
Home renovation
Every homeowner knows it’s important to properly maintain their home, especially as their property ages. Lilypad Insurance offers discounts of up 10% off for homes with recent renovations or updates to HVAC, roofing, electrical systems, and plumbing, helping customers reduce the overall cost of homeownership.'

Claims. Made simple.

Easy Claim Submission
Submit your claim by phone or use our on-line form.
Rapid Response You Can Rely On
Our dedicated claims team works to promptly address and resolve your claim.
Stay informed throughout the process
Regular Communication and Transparency from Start to Finish
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Resources. And common questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there discounts available for Lilypad's homeowners insurance?

Yes, we offer discounts for being loss free for more than 3 consecutive years, there are also discounts for customers who protect their property against water, fire, and theft loss with alarm systems. In addition, discounts may be available if your home has been recently renovated (HVAC, roofing, electrical systems, and/or plumbing).

How do I choose the right home insurance coverage?

Consult with an agent who can guide you through selecting the ideal coverage for your home.

How quickly can I receive assistance after filing a claim?

We prioritize rapid response for claims to ensure you receive assistance as soon as possible.

Can I bundle my homeowner endorsements for a discount?

Absolutely, Lilypad “Lotus” and “Lotus Plus” package endorsements offer the most commonly selected endorsements at a savings.

How Can I Get Affordable and Comprehensive Homeowners Insurance?

Work with your agent to find the solution the best meets your needs. Compare coverage options, pricing and discounts.