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What to expect when filing a claim

Report the loss
After you file, you’ll get a claim number and contact info for your claims adjuster.
Investigate Coverage
We’ll review your policy and loss circumstances to determine coverage.
Assess damage
We’ll work with you or your contractor to ensure damages are properly assessed.
Repair your home
Select a vendor of your choice, we‘ll work with you or your contractor throughout the repair process.
Claim Payments
Depending on loss circumstances, Lilypad may issue payment to you or a combination of you, your mortgage holder and/or your contractor.

Before you file

Should I file a claim?

After any damage to your home, your policy requires you to let us know. If you choose not to file, you risk losing coverage for damage discovered at a later date. It’s easy to file a claim and we'll get you back to normal in no time.

Is there anything I need to know?

Keep in mind these key points when you file a claim:

Your Duty after a loss is to prevent your property from further damage, so make sure you take the necessary steps to properly protect your property.

You’ll need to pay any applicable deductible(s) before your Lilypad insurance policy takes over. Check out your policy for more info on your deductible(s).

What information do I need to file a home insurance claim? What if I don’t have everything I need?

You may need the following to get the ball rolling  for your claim:

  • Your Lilypad policy number
  • The date the damage occurred.
  • A description of what caused the damage.
  • A description of the damaged property
  • Contact information for any contractors or mitigation services you’ve contacted.

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