We supply coastal communities with financial protection and peace of mind through flexible property insurance solutions

Our flexible home insurance solutions are tailored to meet diverse needs, partnered with a seamless insurance claims process.

At Lilypad, our mission is to redefine the landscape of property insurance with tailored, affordable property insurance solutions.

We’re focused on underserved coastal communities and dedicated to safeguarding homes and financial futures against the unpredictability of nature and unexpected events related to home ownership.

Founded on innovation and customer-centric service, Lilypad emerges as a beacon of hope in a challenging insurance market. Our unique approach offers a new kind of security, especially for homeowners facing heightened hurricane and climate risks. By understanding and addressing the specific needs of coastal regions, we're not just insuring properties—we're building resilient communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for filing a claim with Lilypad?

Claims can be filed by contacting us at 866-924-5459 or by submitting an on-line form here.

Can I customize my homeowners insurance policy to fit my specific needs?

Absolutely, focusing on flexible solutions and maintaining a customer-centric approach aligns with the basic mission of Lilypad.

How does Lilypad ensure comprehensive coverage in high-risk areas like coastal regions?

We have depth of experience; our leadership team has spent years successfully focused on providing insurance to coastal communities exposed to hurricane risks.

What innovative solutions does Lilypad offer for home insurance?

Lilypad offers both homeowner and dwelling fire policies in coastally exposed geographical locations with various options to customize policies through endorsements. Each customer can build the best policy to meet their individual needs.

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